Thread Vein Treatments

Veinwave (thermal coagulation)

Illustration showing how Veinwave works at UK Vein Clinic

A non-invasive and virtually painless technique used to eradicate thread or spider veins. Usually referred to using brand names like ‘Veinwave’ and ‘Thermavein’, it's a form of 'thermal coagulation': where a precisely targeted source of heat is used to seal and collapse the vein wall. An insulated stylus directs electromagnetic, microwave energy at the vein and gently removes it

It’s precise, highly effective, and delivers far better outcomes than laser treatments (which risk discolouring or damaging your skin)

What To Expect

A specialist doctor will use a Veinwave stylus - about the size of a small pen - to gently remove your thread veins. There’s no need for a local anaesthetic: some patients compare it to the slight discomfort of having a hair pulled out

Often, we'll combine the use of Veinwave with Micro Sclerotherapy to treat thread veins

You’ll be able to walk out the same day and should be able to resume normal activity immediately. (If you normally wear makeup, we might recommend waiting until the day after your treatment before applying any again; we’d also recommend wearing some high-factor suncream if you’re going out in the sunshine afterwards)

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