Sclerotherapy For Spider Veins


Microsclerotherapy is a treatment for spider veins (aka thread veins), small clusters of veins that are visible beneath the skin. Microsclerotherapy, sometimes coupled with Veinwave, is the most effective treatment for spider veins

micro sclerotherapy for spider veins

How Microsclerotherapy works

Microsclerotherapy is a form of sclerotherapy, which is used to treat vein disorders. Sclerotherapy works by collapsing the walls of the damaged vein, which causes the blood flow to be blocked and in turn makes the body gently reabsorb the blocked vein, removing it

Foam Sclerotherapy is another variant that is primarily used on larger (varicose) veins. Microsclerotherapy on the other hand is used for smaller veins, such as spider veins, and involves using a very small needle to inject a saline solution into the damaged vein, blocking it off

The process

A thorough consultation is given both before and after the actual treatment. The first of these consists of a talk and assessment with one of our vein specialists. This appointment usually takes around 30 minutes; the doctor will assess your veins and inform you of your treatment options

If you choose to go ahead with the proposed treatment plan then a time and date will be booked. After the treatment, you will return for another consultation to monitor your recovery process and to see if any further treatment is required

How long does Microsclerotherapy take?

Microsclerotherapy treatment sessions last up to 30 minutes, with no overnight stay and virtually no ‘downtime’ required. This means that you can immediately resume your usual activities after the treatment

The results of Microsclerotherapy may be seen immediately, but it usually takes up to 5-6 weeks before you will see your final result

How much does Microsclerotherapy cost?

The initial consultation session costs £135, while the treatment sessions cost £395 each

However, existing varicose vein patients of the UK Vein Clinic only pay £300 per treatment session. Larger spider veins can require 3-5 treatments to be removed completely

Where and how to start treatment

Getting started on your treatment journey is as easy as booking your initial consultation in either our London Harley Street or Manchester Pall Mall clinics. You can do this by simply clicking the link below

Frequently Asked Questions

Does microsclerotherapy hurt?

The procedure is performed under a local anaesthetic and so is virtually painless. Patients report that, at most, they have felt a little pinch or scratch, similar to the sensation of a small injection or a hair being pulled out

How long does microsclerotherapy last?

The individual veins treated by microsclerotherapy will be gone for good. However, if the underlying causes that produced the spider veins remain, then there’s always a chance that new spider veins might appear. So while microsclerotherapy is a permanent treatment, it doesn’t stop the possibility of having new spider veins in the future

Are there any side effects or risks of complications?

In your initial consultation, your doctor will talk you through any potential risks. Complications are very rare, and any risk is further minimised by following the aftercare instructions provided by your doctor. These involve taking particular care of your skin for 24-48 hours after the treatment, such as minimising exposure to direct sunlight or chlorinated water

Side effects are generally very mild and usually involve some redness or bruising at the site of the injection

Can I get the treatment on the NHS?

Most varicose vein and spider vein treatments are not covered by the NHS. Varicose veins may be covered if they are severe enough to cause discomfort. However, as this is usually never the case with spider veins, it is very unlikely that Microsclerotherapy will be covered

Where to find us

We're pleased to be able to provide our world-class spider vein treatment in a variety of places throughout the United Kingdom. Learn more about your treatment options, including Microsclerotherapy and Veinwave treatment, at the clinic closest to you


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