Roger Reveals his Experience with Varicose Veins

Roger Reveals his Experience with Varicose Veins

  • His veins caused him daily pain when he walked and worried caused him to worry what they would be like in the future

I’m Roger, I’m 73 and I’m retired from the printing industry. I was 21 when I discovered I had visible veins, at the time they didn’t bother me – as an avid sports player I was constantly on my feet. However, after 30 years they started to change colour, becoming much more prominent than usual. In turn, they began to swell and gradually became more painful as time went on.

My daughter was the one who recommended I got my veins checked out thoroughly, due to the pain it was causing me, as on some days I would walk in utter discomfort. The staff at UK Vein Clinic were very informative and reassured me that the process wouldn’t be uncomfortable and that I would be able to leave the clinic straight away – they were right!

In October 2021 I received my first treatment at the clinic,with their bilateral radiofrequency ablation, directed at my truncal veins. This was followed by the foam injection in December, which helped to reduce the visibility of veins at the surface. My recovery process was so simple, and the advice given by the clinicians was easy to follow which was encouraging,especially compared to the stories you’d hear about old school vein treatments.

I would 100% recommend the UK Vein Clinic to anyone considering having a process similar to the one I received, you should absolutely go for it. Have a read up on the treatments – get yourself a consultation booked,especially if your veins are like mine, often causing you pain with every step. Getting them checked out has really changed my life, now I don’t need to worry about the problem bothering me in later life, I’m able to enjoy my day that little bit more!

If you would like to hear more about Roger's time with UK Vein Clinic, feel free to check out his interview below!

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