Code of Practice - Complaint Handling

UK Vein Clinic believe that everyone has the right to expect a positive experience and good treatment outcome. In the event of a concern or complaint, you have a right to be listened to and to be treated with respect. UK Vein Clinic Ltd manages complaints properly so that your concerns are dealt with appropriately.

We also believe that complaints are also a valuable source of feedback; they provide an audit trail and can be early warning signs of failure in service delivery. By handling complaints well, they provide an opportunity to improve our service and reputation.

Purpose And Objectives

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that any complaints or concerns are correctly managed. UK Vein Clinic Ltd, although an independent body, aspires to meet the principles set out in the NHS constitution which are:

Duties and Responsibilities

The CQC Registered Manager holds overall responsibility for ensuring the development, implementation and operation of this policy regarding complaints. Our CQC manager can be contacted at the follow email address:

Complaint Timeframes

UK Vein Clinic will normally accept a complaint from you, either:
(i) 12 months from the date on which the event (which is the subject of the complaint) occurred; or
(ii) 12 months from the date on which the event (which is the subject of the complaint) comes to the complainants notice

In reality, we will listen to all complaints no matter how old. The length delay may undermine our ability to accurately investigate the complaint fully.

Raising a complaint

You can raise a complaint or concern verbally, in writing or via email. Written complaints can be posted to UK Vein Clinic Group Ltd, Station House, Stamford New Road, Altrincham, WA14 1EP. Complaints via email should be sent to

Action upon receipt of a complaint

We will:

If you do not accept the offer of a verbal discussion to resolve matters, we will notify you in writing of the time we’ll be able to respond to your complaint.

We aim to resolve any matter as soon as it is received. All staff are appropriately trained to manage complaints competently. Complaints that are not resolved at the point of service, or that are received in writing and require follow up, are regarded as formal complaints. Formal complaints are normally responded to within 28 days.

Investigation and Response to Complaints

During any investigation, you will be kept informed of progress either verbally or in writing. The response will include:

Learning from complaints

We adopt a no-blame approach to complaints that we receive and recognise that all feedback provides an opportunity for us to develop and improve our service. As soon as possible after a complaint has been dealt with, we will ensure that those involved are given individual feedback and provide further training if required.


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