Caitlin's Experience With Varicose Veins

Caitlin's Experience With Varicose Veins

  • Her family have a history of DVT and is worried she could be at risk due to having varicose veins.

I’m Caitlin, I’m 35, from Liverpool and I work within the Financial Sector – a typical desk job. As long as I can remember I’ve always had prominent veins, along with the other women in my family. We have a family history of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis), which made me progress blood tests with myGP to check if I too, could be at risk.

My varicose veins had never caused me any problems until a few years after I gave birth. Throughout my pregnancy I was fine, until they got progressively painful after my child was born. Some nights I struggled to get to sleep due to how heavy my legs felt, it also doesn’t help that I suffer from Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS), which is a condition that becomes more aggravated at night.

I got to a point where I’d had enough of the pain and the heaviness and just wanted to get my veins sorted once and for all. So, a few years ago I visited my local GP to see if they could advise me on the best way to go about receiving treatment, I knew receiving treatment via the NHS was possible because both my mum and nan had their veins stripped. However, my GP wouldn’t even take a look at them – instantly dismissing me, telling me that they were purely cosmetic, and that the NHS don’t treat varicose veins anyone.After that encounter I was confused, all I wanted was to get this issue sorted and frustratingly I’d been dismissed by a healthcare professional.

Luckily, I found out about UK Vein Clinic and booked a consultation with them right away.  The staff were friendly and understanding. Before they examined my legs we talked through my family history – it was nice to have a professional take me seriously! After that, the team booked me in for a duplex ultrasound scan, which helped them understand more about my veins. My scan revealed that my left leg was much more prominent, with one vein going all the way from my groin to my leg – it was scary to hear but also a good experience to have reassurance from a healthcare professional.

I’m due to receive my treatment very soon, I’m just delighted to finally get the ball rolling. It’s not just the physical impact of varicose veins and how they have affected me, but the emotional aspect too. They decide every choice I make: what clothes I wear, how much sleep I get, even what I do.Thankfully, I have my husband by my side, who has been supporting me through my decision to get them removed. I can’t wait to feel like my old self again and finally get a good night’s sleep – not having to constantly worry about the pain I’m in.

Looking after yourself is vital, I would advise anyone who suffers with varicose veins to reach out to UK Vein Clinic and book a consultation. Finally, I’m excited to get my confidence back!

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