Ellen's Experience With Varicose Veins

Ellen's Experience With Varicose Veins

  • Age 56, Social Worker in London

  • Increasingly concerned about the appearance of her legs, which affected her choice of clothing

I’m Ellen, I’m 56 and a Social Worker from London. I decided to get treatment from UK Vein Clinic as I had a bad experience via the NHS and my veins were causing me to become self-conscious. I hated the way they looked, I became embarrassed by them, often getting the first word in ‘ooh, look at the state of these’ if I was with friends as a defence mechanism.

Summer would be the worse time for me, I would get overwhelmed on what to wear, usually opting for long floaty skirts or linen trousers if I was heading to the beach. Thinking about the summer months made me realise that going privately would not only cost the same price as a summer holiday, it would also be the gateway for me to gain my confidence back.

As a teenager, I started to notice my veins were swelling,as I got older my legs began to look bruised and gradually over time they began to get worse; they started to become heavy, and would throb and become very painful. So, in 2005 I decided to get my veins treated on the NHS, who were fantastic however, my experience was very painful. I remember the smell of burning flesh and sadly it didn’t help either, my veins actually got worse and were sore for weeks later. Which caused me to ignore them for another 15 years because I couldn’t face that pain again.

However, after I turned 50, I realised it was time to put myself and my health first. Knowing it would make me feel much better, I focused on exercising, in the hope it could improve my veins, however they continued to cause me discomfort. I eventually got my veins sorted with UK Vein Clinic, which was eye-opening in comparison to my previous experience, as it never crossed my mind that the treatment would have improved.

In 2021 I had my consultation at the Harley Street Clinic which was quick and simple, getting booked in for my radiofrequency ablation and foam sclerotherapy that same day. I was able to learn more about my vein health and was given tonnes of information. The team were amazing, especially on the day of my treatment, they made me feel important, much more than just a transaction. It was extremely reassuring to know I was being treated by some of the best vascular surgeons in the UK.

I couldn’t believe how straight-forward and painless the treatment was – it was literally walk-in and walk-out. I had actually hoped to be told to rest up and was looking forward to a few days of taking it easy, but this whole experience was so different to the one I’d had previously. I followed the post-treatment advice to the letter – I kept mobile and active, exercising and did everything exactly as I’d been advised. I didn’t even need to take any paracetamol! They even provided me with a dedicated number to call if I had any concerns, I didn’t.

My only advice for those seeking help would be -  I wish had done it sooner. For anyone curious about treatment, pick up the phone and have a chat! Seize your own life,otherwise your veins might get worse along with your confidence. My life has improved tenfold since receiving the treatment, the pain? Gone. Prominent veins? Disappeared. I’m so excited for the summers to come and cannot wait to spoil myself with a new summer wardrobe. I feel like a new person and I’m so so pleased that I finally invested in myself.

Ellen's treatment was performed by Prof Stephen Black the leading vein specialist at UK Vein Clinic.

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