Peace of mind for Bupa members

Peace of mind for Bupa members

UK Vein Clinic has been working closely with Bupa to agree terms for medical insurance members. UK Vein Clinic was established to provide world class treatment at a price that works and we are delighted to be able to offer these exclusive benefits. It means that patients insured with Bupa can be reassured that all fees for treatment are covered in full by their Bupa insurance policy. No hidden or unexpected fees, just peace of mind.

To achieve this, UK Vein Clinic have agreed a range of prices from the 1st January 2020 that ensure all varicose vein treatment provided under a Bupa policy, will be fully funded. This agreement covers all consultations, scans, treatment with endovenous radiofrequency ablation or foam sclerotherapy and aftercare.

Summary of benefits to Bupa members

  • UK Vein Clinic varicose vein procedures and technology are clinically proven to give the best results for Bupa patients.
  • Award winning team of surgeons, scientists and practitioners, led by Professor Stephen Black.
  • No shortfall in policy cover for BUPA members, all fees agreed in advance with Bupa. No hidden fees!
  • If required, UK Vein clinic can arrange pre-authorisation with Bupa for you.
  • Pricing includes our full aftercare package including follow up consultation and follow up scan.
  • UK Vein Clinic treatment guarantee that veins ablated will be successfully closed or retreated.

Patient focused care pathway

Your first step to healthy veins

Our process starts with a combined appointment, which consists of a consultation with our vascular specialist and ultrasound scan with our vascular sonographer. The vascular specialist will undertake an examination and Bupa members are also asked to complete the Aberdeen Questionnaire to assess physical and psychological impacts from vein disease.  Specifically the extent to which it causes pain, affects work and social life as well as other psychological factors. Data collected at this stage will form the benchmark against which we’ll assess the success of the treatment provided to you.

The gold standard in varicose vein treatment

UK Vein Clinic follow best practice guidelines for treatment as set out by the National Institure of Clinical Excellence and the European Society of Vascular Surgery. Following the disgnostic scan we will recommend one of three distinct treatment pathways.

  • Foam sclerotherapy only, treating superficial veins visable on the skin surface. A course of 3 treatments is typically required.
  • Radiofrequency ablation of one or more of the truncal veins.  This will relieve pressure in the venous system.
  • A combination of ablation and foam sclerotherapy.  Treating reflux in the truncal veins and superficial veins.  The first foam treatment is provided during the ablation appointment with a further follow up treatment after approximately 6 weeks.

Following a short 15 minute period of recovery, our patients can normally return home and resume normal activity.  Patients are provided with compression stockings to aid healing.

Your final confirmatory scan

All truncal veins treated are scanned a second time to ensure your peace of mind that the treatment has been successful.  A second  follow up Aberdeen questionnaire is completed. At this point you will be discharged.

Benefits of UK Vein Clinic care pathway for varicose vein treatment

  • Our consultant surgeons are hand picked and mentored by Professor Black. The UK’s leading expert in Venous Surgery.
  • Consultants follow the UK Vein Clinic method, based on radiofrequency technology, using the Medtronic Closurefast system.  This technology has been found to be less painful, with less downtime and more consistent, high quality results.
  • A fully digital patient pathway. All electronic medical records are encrypted and safely stored in the cloud for you to use at your convenience.

When booking an appointment for varicose vein treatment as a Bupa member, our clinical triage team will ask you for details of your GP referral, Bupa membership number and any pre-authorisations you have received from Bupa. If any information is missing at this stage from Bupa, we will follow up with them directly to ensure your treatment has been approved.

Our clinical triage team can be contacted by email at or by phone on 0208 187 3999.

Procedures covered by our Bupa agreement

  • IM269 (unilateral) & IM370 (bilateral) pre treatment consultation with our vein specialist and doppler duplex ultrasound scan with our specialist vascular sonographer
  • L8540 (unilateral) & L8541 (bilateral) treatment of multiple truncal veins with endovenous radio frequency ablation
  • L8542 (unilateral) & L8543 (bilateral) treatment of single truncal vein with endovenous radio frequency ablation
  • L8620 (unilateral) & L8621 (bilateral) treatment of superficial varicose veins with foam sclerotherapy. This code relates to a single treatment appointment

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