Pricing - Varicose Vein Treatment

We created UK Vein Clinic to offer world-class treatment at the fairest price. We charge a single fixed price that includes both clinic and consultant fees with no hidden costs. Our treatment is available across the UK such as London, Thames Valley, Manchester, Scotland areas and many more.

Your treatment pathway begins by the diagnosing varicose vein issues. Our initial examination and Duplex Ultrasound scan will give both you and our Vascular Consultants a clear diagnosis of the specific health of your veins.

0% Finance Available

Should the scan indicate that you require treatment, we offer Foam Sclerotherapy and Radiofrequency Ablation for closing varicose veins. During your initial consultation, our vascular scientists will advise you as to which of these procedures is best for your particular case.

Treating varicose veins requires a personalised approach to get you the results you’re looking for. Our treatment packages are unique to you and your needs, which means that providing the full cost of treatment is only possible once you’ve attended a scan and consultation with us.

We know that treating your varicose veins is a big deal and we want to help you make the decision that feels right for you. To give you a bit of an idea, our package prices start from £1755 and the typical package price is around £2500. The price you pay is determined by your personalised treatment recommendation following a thorough assessment. To chat this through in more detail, please get in touch and one of our patient advisors will be able to talk through your options with you.

Results Matter

Our patients come to us with a range of symptoms. The results below show the percentage of patients whose symptoms we have been able to improve


pain improvement as a result of treatment


confidence boosted after their veins were treated


said their veins no longer interfered with hobbies and social activities


noticed improvements in swelling

*Based on a sample of 389 patients.

This improvement in our patients’ quality of life is borne out by the reviews we receive with Trustpilot scoring us at 4.8/5.0 based on 120 verified reviews

UK Vein Clinic Protocol

The UK Vein Clinic protocol has been designed to provide peace of mind to our patients. Our clinical team follow a standard methodology for treatment which ensures consistent results wherever treatment takes place

Key features of the UK Vein Clinic Protocol:

  • Clinical Leadership
    An internationally renowned Vascular leadership team headed by Professor Stephen Black. We use evidence based best practice and ensurer treatment methodology is rigorously followed
  • Independent scan from a Vascular Scientist
    The UK Vein Clinic only use Vascular Scientists for the initial consultation & scan ensuring the highest quality diagnostic from which we assess treatment options
  • Vascular Consultants following a standard treatment methodology
    The UK Vein Clinic only use Vascular Consultants to deliver primary treatment. Our handpicked specialist team follow a standard methodology, ensuring that wherever or whoever treats our patients, they can rely on a high-quality clinical outcome
  • Radiofrequency technology to ablate veins
    At UK Vein Clinic we believe radiofrequency technology provides a more accurate and consistent delivery of heat.  All our treatments use radiofrequency technology delivering consistently world class outcomes for our patients
  • Treatment guarantee
    There is a universal understanding supported by empirical evidence that in a small percentage of cases the procedure will not successfully close the veins identified. Therefore, at UK Vein Clinic we include a guarantee that means if, for whatever reason, the veins we treat are not successfully closed we will re-treat those veins free of charge for up to a year following your initial treatment.
  • Aftercare
    In a small number of cases minor complications like phlebitis, thrombosis or other side effects can be experienced. Our aftercare team lead by Dr Peter Finigan and Vanessa Livingstone are on hand to ensure any post-treatment discomfort is minimised

Full duplex ultrasound scan with a Vascular Sonographer followed by a consultation

Unilateral (single leg)


Bilateral (both legs)


Scan includes:

  • Doppler duplex scan with a Vascular Scientist (Sonographer) in accordance with NICE guidelines, to identify:
    • Incompetence in the major truncal veins
    • Width of vein above the knee and below
    • DVT or superficial vein thrombosis
  • Full assessment of health, suitability for treatment and treatment plan
  • Full duplex report for the surgical team to use
  • High definition photography

Primary Treatment endovenous radiofrequency ablation – EVRF with a specialist Vascular Surgeon

North West

South East

Unilateral (single leg)



Bilateral (both legs)



All our primary treatments include:  

  1. Treatment undertaken by a Vascular Consultant
  2. Follow up & second scan, valued at £550, to guarantee treatment success  
  3. Additional high definition photography
  4. A full package of aftercare support
  5. A pair of complimentary compression stockings

Please note treatment prices vary by location, speak to one of our advisors to find out about costs in your area and the finance packages we have available

Additional primary treatment elements

Foam Sclerotherapy


Also offered as a package if foam sclerotherapy is the primary treatment. This is recommended to c.10% of patients scanned


Avulsions or other complexities (including the treatment of multiple truncal veins)


Additional per session charges

Micro Sclerotherapy thread vein treatment following varicose vein treatment


Follow up appointments


Compression stockings


Spread the cost of Treatment

UKVC have partnered with Chrysalis Finance to offer patients flexibility when it comes to paying for treatment. Eligible patients can spread the cost of treatment over 6 months at 0% interest.

Booking your initial appointment

The first step towards getting treatment for your varicose veins is to book your duplex ultrasound scan and consultation in either our London Harley Street, Thames Valley or Manchester clinics. Get started by simply clicking the link below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who's eligible to apply for 0% interest finance?

Applicants who fit ALL of the criteria below:

  1. Is aged 18 or over
  2. Is in full time employment (i.e. 16 hours, or more, per week),
        or their partner is,
        or is self-employed,
        or is retired and over 50 years of age,
        or is in receipt of regular and consistent income;
  3. Has been resident in the UK for at least the last 3 years

What does the applicant need before they start?

  1. Address history (3 years)
  2. Income details
  3. Bank details

Can I apply on behalf of a friend or relative?

The patient can ask a friend or relative to apply on their behalf. It is important that the applicant's details are entered accurately. If the patient is worried about their application being accepted, you should use the Eligibility Checker. Please speak to a member of our team to discuss our finance options further on 02081873999

Is the cost the same for both UK Vein Clinic locations?

Please note treatment prices vary by location, speak to one of our advisors to find out about costs in your area

Does it matter where my damaged veins are located?

Varicose veins are most likely to appear on your legs or feet. The prices for all of our treatments are the same no matter where your damaged veins are located

Is this covered by my private medical insurance?

If you have private health insurance you may be able to claim for treatment on your policy. For more information please call one of our team to discuss further. Please note pricing for insured patients may vary.

Can I get the treatment on the NHS?

Most varicose vein removal treatments in the UK are not covered by the NHS. Varicose veins may be covered if they are severe enough to cause discomfort. However, this is usually not the case, and in these less severe cases the treatment will not be covered by the NHS.

Where to find us

We're pleased to be able to provide our world-class varicose vein treatment in a variety of places throughout the United Kingdom. Learn more about your treatment options, including endovenous radio-frequency ablation (EVRF) and foam sclerotherapy, at the clinic closest to you


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