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Illustration showing how sclerotherapy works at UK Vein Clinic

This treatment option gently and permanently removes unhealthy veins by injection. A specialist doctor carefully injects a saline solution (Micro Sclerotherapy) or foam (Foam Sclerotherapy) into the targeted vein. This makes the vein wall collapse to stop blood flowing through it. The vein is then naturally absorbed back into the body

Sclerotherapy has now been greatly improved by duplex ultrasound scanning, which allows your surgeon to target and monitor the affected veins with great precision

What To Expect

If you're having Radiofrequency Ablation treatment we will use Foam Sclerotherapy to close any residual varicose veins you have too

We also use Micro Sclerotherapy - often alongside thermal coagulation using Veinwave - to treat thread veins

There’s no anaesthetic required as sclerotherapy simply involves a brief injection to close the vein. It’s very well tolerated by the vast majority of patients. Afterwards, we’ll apply a light-pressure dressing, which can be removed overnight or the following day

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Where to find us

We're pleased to be able to provide our world-class varicose vein treatment in a variety of places throughout the United Kingdom. Learn more about your treatment options, including endovenous radio-frequency ablation (EVRF) and foam sclerotherapy, at the clinic closest to you

London Harley Street

You'll find our clinic at 150 Harley Street, in the heart of London’s prestigious medical district. The nearest Underground stations are Great Portland Street (Hammersmith & City, Metropolitan, and Circle lines), Warren Street (Northern Line), Regent’s Park (Bakerloo line) and Baker Street (Jubilee Line)

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Manchester Pall Mall

Our Manchester clinic is located in the heart of the city's Central Retail District. The clinic is conveniently accessible from the Manchester district and neighbouring areas, with great public transportation links bringing you within a few minutes' walk. If you're arriving by car, there's plenty of parking available

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