Varicose Veins vs Sleep: 5 Tips for Improving Your Rest

Varicose Veins vs Sleep: 5 Tips for Improving Your Rest

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things to consider while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We must be well rested to stay sharp, improve our mood, and be ready for any challenge our day offers. And, although having varicose veins can present a challenge in resting properly, there are a few tips and tricks you can incorporate into your daily night-time routine to better your sleep.

With this in mind, we created a simple guide for you to get the most out of your rest, and try to leave any worries about pain from varicose veins behind.

Switching positions could work wonders

Have you tried different sleeping positions for a better rest? When living with varicose veins, sometimes the position we sleep in can be one of the key factors to falling asleep faster and enjoying a better quality of sleep.

For example, one of the most recommended sleep positions include resting on your left side, as it could be beneficial to help your heart pump more blood and get better blood flow in your legs. It is also suggested that sleeping on your side can aid your lymphatic system, as lymph fluid can travel through your body more efficiently and reinforce your immune system.

Furthermore, another recommendation is to elevate your legs; this can be highly beneficial as it helps with circulation, as well as reducing swelling, since varicose veins make it harder for blood to flow freely.

Remember to stay hydrated

Did you know there is a connection between hydration and a good night’s sleep? Some studies suggest that maintaining the right levels of water in our bodies can help promote a better distribution of both blood and lymphatic fluid. As the day passes, our body loses fluids, via sweating or breathing for example, so it is important to drink around 8 glasses of water per day on average, depending on your level of activity.

Even so, it is also essential to note that you should keep a balance when it comes to drinking water, meaning to not drink too much in the night so you don’t keep waking up.

One tip to keep in mind while staying hydrated is to watch out for salty foods and alcohol, as these can dehydrate you. Also, an excessive intake of high-sodium products can result in further complications, so it is important to always remain conscious of your food intake. Remember, it is all a matter of balance.

Relax your muscles with stretching exercises

As you go through your day your, muscles can get cramped and swollen, so why not try some new pain-relief methods such as stretches? A simple yet effective way of doing this might involve reaching down to touch your toes a few times in the morning and evening,  before gently massaging them with essential oils such as lavender or body lotion. This could help your veins achieve better circulation and prevent muscles from swelling. 

A great way to help you remember to do these exercises is to set an alarm on your phone at a time of day when you know you’ll be able to take a few minutes to carry out the exercise.

Your best friend: compression stockings

For those with varicose veins, and those who simply want to prevent them from forming, one of the most recommended accessories for day-to-day activities is compression stockings. Sources suggest that compression stockings can help improve circulation in your veins and reduce swelling through the day.

But did you know that they can also help you keep more comfortable through the night by avoiding night cramps, for example? These additions to your day could be key in having a good night’s sleep. And if you have doubts about how to select the best option, our mini guide might help you.

Reach new depths with meditation

You have probably heard about the benefits of meditation, but have you ever thought of incorporating it into your night-time routine to alleviate pain? 

Many sources suggest that meditation can help with reducing stress, improving our moods and even helping with pain management. This method, combined with breathing techniques, could help you achieve the level of sleep needed to properly rest and regain your spent energy.

If this approach piques your interest, you can check out which meditation style may be the best fit for you!

But, please always remember to contact one of our varicose vein specialists should you be experiencing discomfort that is affecting either your daytime activities or night-time rest. Leaving varicose vein symptoms to worsen is not advisable and can lead to more severe complications such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

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