GP Vascular Masterclass: Wimbledon edition

GP Vascular Masterclass: Wimbledon edition

Last week, we had the privilege of hosting our first “GP Vascular Masterclass” for over 50 GPs in person at the Hotel du Vin Wimbledon and virtually thanks to our partners at Radcliffe Vascular. It provided an invaluable platform for our fantastic doctors to exchange insights on vein treatments, navigating complexities, and getting to know the wonderful Wimbledon GPs.

Throughout the evening, four of our vascular experts (Stephen Black, Paul Moxey, Ash Patel, Lily Benton) shared their knowledge on maintaining vein health and overcoming challenges in this area.

The masterclass agenda covered:

  • The current systemic challenges in providing timely referrals for patients with varicose veins and the direct implications this has on patients nationally
  • How to recognise and articulate the different stages of venous leg ulcers as end stage vein disease and the importance of early intervention
  • How to apply the knowledge provided by the updated National Wound Care Strategy Programme guidelines on referral pathways, emphasising the importance of optimal times for referral

The event was a huge success, and it was great to see the attendees engaged and asking a range of questions including:

 What presenting features of thrombophlebitis would make you want to scan a particular patient?

Are tissue viability nurses’ part of your team or are they separate […] is referring patients with long standing leg ulcers to tissue viability nurses the correct pathway?

For patients presenting with Pelvic Congestion Syndrome would you consider asking for the                                                            opinion of a vascular surgeon?

                                       Have you ever come across a patient with bilateral DVTs?

    Can you see signs of pelvic congestion on ultrasound or other features in the history that might                                                      suggest they need a vascular referral?

                              Do you see patients with lymphedema and what do you do for them?

Catch up on the full session below:

We loved hosting this educational event and look forward to meeting GPs nationwide as we pursue our mission to raise awareness of the importance of vein health among patients.

Register for our GP referral programme today to support your varicose vein patients on their journey to a vein free life: register now.

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