Jo's Journey with Varicose Veins

Jo's Journey with Varicose Veins

  • Age 71, Retired PE Teacher in Devon

  • Noticed them in her thirties, making her self-conscious to wear clothes she enjoyed

I’m Jo, I’m 71 years old and I’m a retired PE teacher from Devon. I first noticed I had visible veins in my late thirties, I was very much aware of them, especially as a PE teacher, having to constantly have my legs out.

My left leg was much more prominent than my right, and as time went on they became progressively worse. When I reached my late forties I started to notice how raised my veins were, due to this my legs began to swell along with my ankles. They constantly felt heavy and the pain would intensify if I was on my feet for prolonged periods of time.

The more obvious my veins started to look, the more self-conscious I became – wearing maxi dresses and trousers to make sure they were hidden away. Sadly, due to the knock in my confidence, I rarely wore dresses as I couldn’t stop thinking about how my legs looked – I never put them on show. I was embarrassed by them.

They even stopped me pursuing one of my favourite hobbies –swimming. I always loved going for a swim, however it got to the point where I wouldn’t go, not if I could help it. I’d only ever go in the pool if it was empty or if there weren’t too many people around. On holidays I would try to cover them up with my sarong if I was lounging out in the sun, as I just couldn’t bare the sight of them, I definitely didn’t want anyone else to see them. I must say they really did affect my whole life.

In September 2021 I received foam sclerotherapy treatment. The staff at UK Vein Clinic were exceptional, they made me feel at ease throughout the whole process and my problematic veins were virtually gone. I have one which is still visible, however at my follow up appointment the lovely clinician reassured me that this vein will also disappear. They really took their time to look over my legs, when they assured me everything went well – I’m so pleased with the treatment I received. It’s truly been such a success, I’ve regained my confidence, I feel so much better that I’m even ready to go on holiday and slip into my swimming costume. Not having to stress over the appearance of my legs is such a relief!

To anyone who is looking for advice, even treatment I would certainly recommend UK Vein Clinic – I have to my friends and family. As the treatment indeed works and will help you reclaim your confidence, too!

If you would like to hear more about Jo's treatment at UK Vein Clinic, feel free to check out her interview below!

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