5 Exercises for People Who Aren’t Keen on Exercise

5 Exercises for People Who Aren’t Keen on Exercise

It is no secret that exercise is a necessity; it keeps you fit, improves mental health and strengthens your body. Additionally, it helps slow the development of varicose veins and speeds up recovery following treatment. 

However, not everyone has the drive to go out and push themselves to their limit every day and others just don’t like exercise. While this is a valid stance, it is important to stay active and so here are 5 exercises that can keep you feeling healthy without pushing the boundaries too far. 

Take a hike

Walking is an optimal way to keep blood pumping regularly through your legs and it is something we always recommend to our patients following treatment. While some people might enjoy taking to the hills and spending the day climbing rugged paths, this isn’t always necessary; going for a brisk walk around your neighborhood or a stroll to the park can do wonders for your well-being. If you have a dog, this would be the perfect opportunity to let them stretch their legs a little more than usual! 

You don’t need to go to great lengths

Swimming is one of the best workouts for your body, thanks to the resistance of the water working against you. The best thing about swimming is that it often doesn’t even feel like exercise! As you move through the water, muscles that you might otherwise neglect get a chance to flex. 

No one is suggesting that you jump into the water and swim lengths for an hour straight. If all you feel up to is going for a gentle splash while you stretch, then that works too; do what feels best for you. Most pools also have designated times for different activities

Shake it off

There’s a reason classes like Zumba exploded across popular culture a few years ago; dancing is one of the best ways to get a full body workout and have fun at the same time. A simple Google search should let you know where there are classes you can take nearby. 

If getting together with others doesn’t sound like something you would enjoy (and due to current restrictions this may not even be an option) then there are a myriad of options to pick from on online platforms such as YouTube or TikTok. There are videos that teach you certain steps that you can put into practice, and even videos that will teach you entire routines; you’ll have that dance from The Greatest Showman mastered in no time!

Cleaning the House

While many people don’t find exercise all that appealing, it’s probably safe to say that an equally large number aren’t that thrilled about the concept of tidying and cleaning their home. However, much like staying fit, it’s a necessity. 

As anyone who has ever mopped a floor or vacuumed a carpet can verify, housework can easily work up a sweat and the feeling of sitting down after an hour or so of chores can’t be beaten. If you want to really boost your productivity, set yourself tasks and time limits to complete them. For example, maybe you hoovered your house in 30 minutes a few days ago; try for 25 this time. By the time you’ve finished, not only will you have got your blood pumping, you’ll have a clean home to relax in when you’re done. 

Engage your inner gamer

This final option may seem a little counter intuitive. True, some people are able to turn on a console and sit in the same spot all day while playing, but this doesn’t have to be the case. There are plenty of games on the market that are designed to keep their players fit; anyone with children is likely to remember the Wii Fit craze during the mid-noughties. 

Much like learning dance moves from YoutTube, this is something that can be done in the privacy of your own home in front of the television. If you are unsure of what exercise to try out, there is a video game for almost every part of your body; from aerobics and dancing to boxing, guaranteeing that you will be able to find something to get you on your feet!

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