Spider Vein Removal on Hands

Spider vein removal on hands

Do you have concerns with either prominent, bulging or small networks of broken veins on your hands? Bulging veins may indicate the presence of varicose veins, while smaller, discoloured veins are known as spider or ‘thread’ veins

hand vein removal

Spider veins may appear as a clustered spider web of tiny red, blue or purple veins. They most commonly appear on the face and on the legs, but it’s entirely possible for them to appear on the hands as well

How to get rid of spider veins on my hands

Spider veins won’t disappear on their own and, while they don’t usually cause any discomfort, they can be unsightly. For people wanting to treat them, the best and most effective treatments are Microsclerotherapy and Veinwave

What is Microsclerotherapy?

Whilst Foam Sclerotherapy is typically used to treat larger varicose veins, Microsclerotherapy is used to treat smaller spider (thread) veins. The way that both of these treatments work is the same; they collapse the wall of the damaged vein. Once the vein is blocked off and blood stops flowing through it, the body simply absorbs the vein, which effectively and naturally removes it

Microsclerotherapy involves the doctor carefully injecting a saline solution into the damaged vein. It’s a non-invasive and virtually painless procedure, and it’s precision means that it doesn’t cause any damage to the surrounding tissue. Microsclerotherapy is often used in tandem with Veinwave treatment

More about Veinwave

Veinwave is an extremely effective treatment for smaller spider veins. It is often used in treating spider veins on the face but can also be applied to smaller spider veins on the hands in conjunction with Microsclerotherapy. Veinwave uses a very fine needle to apply a precisely targeted source of heat to seal and gently remove the spider veins

How much does it cost?

The initial consultation session costs £135, while the treatment sessions themselves cost £395 each. However, existing varicose vein patients of the UK Vein Clinic only pay £300 per treatment session. While very fine veins may be treated in a single session, spider veins can sometimes require 3-4 treatments

How long does it take?

The procedure itself usually lasts up to 30 minutes, with no overnight stay. This means that you can immediately resume your usual activities after the treatment. The effects of the treatment may be seen immediately, though it can take up to 5-6 weeks for all signs of the thread veins and treatment to fade

When to start my treatment

There is no such thing as ‘too soon’ when it comes to starting your thread vein treatment. As with many medical conditions, it’s easy to treat mild vein problems before they become more severe. If you have any concerns about the veins in your hands, then it’s best to start with an initial consultation at one of our clinics

Your initial consultation usually lasts around 30 minutes, during which your specialist will make sure you fully understand your treatment options

The easiest way to get started is by booking your initial consultation by clicking the link below

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just cover the spider veins on my hands?

Although it’s possible to simply cover spider veins, people find this less convenient when they appear on the hands. Spider veins on the legs are more easily covered by trousers or long skirts, but most people’s hands are exposed

Coloured concealer can be used as a makeup ‘camouflage’ but, in general, it’s easier to have the veins treated and permanently removed

Are there any natural remedies for treating spider veins?

Unfortunately there are no effective natural remedies for spider veins on the hands. Some people may suggest trying apple cider vinegar, coconut oil or vitamin C. Unfortunately none of these things can affect the damaged veins that are trapped under the skin of your hands

The only way to remove spider veins permanently is to collapse the veins so that the body can absorb them, as outlined in the treatment descriptions above

What are the best creams or supplements for my spider veins?

While topical creams may temporarily mask or cover spider veins on your hands, none of them have any effect on the veins themselves. Some, such as retinoid creams, may temporarily obscure the spider veins, but they will reappear as soon as the effects wear off

Supplements are in the same category as natural remedies. While they may be beneficial for your general health, none of them will make your body absorb or remove the damaged thread veins

Will my spider veins go away by themselves?

As with many health issues, spider veins have a tendency to get worse over time rather than better. More veins become damaged over time, which means that the network of spider veins is likely to grow rather than shrink. The treatments outlined above encourage the body to naturally absorb the spider veins, but this isn’t something that your body will do on its own without the treatments

Where to find us

We're pleased to be able to provide our world-class spider vein treatment in a variety of places throughout the United Kingdom. Learn more about your treatment options, including Microsclerotherapy and Veinwave treatment, at the clinic closest to you


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