Spider Veins on Hands

Spider Veins on the Hands

While most commonly found on the face or legs, spider veins (also known as thread veins) can occasionally develop on the arms or hands. Unlike venous disease affecting the legs, underlying skin conditions are the most common cause for spider veins on the arms and hands

What causes spider veins on the hands

The veins on our hands become prominent when the one-way valves inside them become damaged or weakened as we age. Normally, these valves help blood flow against gravity and back to the heart, but when this becomes difficult, blood starts pooling in our hands, making the veins more visible

In some situations, this inflammation can be attributed to circumstantial factors such as a temporary increase in blood pressure and/or body temperature, weight lifting or exposure to warm weather. Dilated veins will be especially visible in people with low body fat or whose collagen levels have dropped because of age

However, veins on the hands can also become enlarged as a result of venous insufficiency, and the only way to establish the real cause is through a Duplex Ultrasound scan

How to get rid of spider veins on the hands

If venous disease emerges as the reason behind prominent veins on your hands, the only way to get rid of spider veins is through treatment. This can be delivered in the form of Veinwave or Micro Sclerotherapy, both of which are minimally invasive and virtually painless procedures

Veinwave, also known as ‘Thermavein’, is a form of thermal coagulation whereby a precisely targeted source of heat is used to seal, collapse and gently remove the damaged veins. Micro Sclerotherapy consists of a saline solution being injected into the damaged vein, which makes the vein wall collapse to stop blood flowing through it. The body will then naturally reabsorb the collapsed vein

How much spider vein removal costs

The initial consultation session costs £135, while the treatment sessions themselves cost £395 each. However, existing varicose vein patients of the UK Vein Clinic only pay £300 per treatment session. While very fine veins may be treated in 1-3 sessions, larger spider veins usually require 3-5 treatments

Get the expert assessment you need

If you’re worried about the appearance of the veins on your hands, you can discuss your concerns with one of our vascular specialists at the UK Vein Clinic

Our treatments are available in our London Harley Street and Manchester Pall Mall clinics, both easily accessible from nearby cities and towns

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to cure spider veins using natural home remedies?

Unfortunately not. If you, like millions of people with spider veins, turn to the web to find ways to prevent or get rid of spider veins, it is very likely that you’ll find information about natural cures for vein disease

These alternative home remedies can include apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, aloe vera extract, horse chestnut, and essential oils, among others. There is currently no conclusive scientific evidence backing their effectiveness at removing spider or varicose veins.

On which other parts of the body can spider veins appear?

Spider veins most commonly appear on the legs, feet and ankles, but they can also appear on the hands, arms, face (mostly around the nose) and around the groyne.

In women, they can appear around the vulva, especially during pregnancy, given the increased blood flow to support the growing foetus. In men, they can also appear in the scrotum and, when this happens, they are known as ‘varicocele.’ They have been associated with erectile dysfunction.

Where to find us

We're pleased to be able to provide our world-class spider vein treatment in a variety of places throughout the United Kingdom. Learn more about your treatment options, including Microsclerotherapy and Veinwave treatment, at the clinic closest to you


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