Here at the UK Vein Clinic, it is our responsibility to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone who walks through our doors.

Currently all our staff either work within the NHS as well, or are screened weekly by us to ensure they are not symptomatic in any way.

We employ a 100% pre-appointment Covid-19 screening process; all patients visiting the clinic are screened by phone to assess whether they may present a Covid-19 risk. We only go forward with face-to-face consultations if they respond accordingly to our questions. If they do not, we arrange another date that is mutually acceptable.

Please respect and adhere to social distancing when in the clinic, and wear a face covering when inside the building. Staff will be wearing face coverings, and any clinicians treating you will be wearing PPE.

If you have a cough, temperature or symptoms of Covid-19, please inform us and do not come to the clinic. We will gladly reschedule your appointment to allow time for isolation or such time as you have shown no symptoms for 7 days.

If someone you live with shows symptoms, please do not come to the clinic for 14 days and ensure you are not showing symptoms.

If you have tested positive for Covid-19 or have come into contact with someone who has tested positive, please do not come to the clinic for 14 days from the date of your positive test result.

Please arrive on time for your appointment, to help us keep the number of people in the building to a minimum. There is hand gel readily available in the building.


In light of Covid-19, we make routine checks to ensure the highest level of safety and hygiene for patients and colleagues alike.

Such checks include:

  • Supplies of hand sanitisers and hand washing facilities are available.
  • Clear policy of wearing of masks for patients.
  • Appropriate signage is in place for new arrivals to the premises, eg about social distancing.
  • Sufficient, appropriate supply of PPE available.  
  • Staff are trained regarding proper donning, doffing and disposal of required PPE.
  • Patient screening questionnaire for checking the Covid-19 status of any patients attending the clinic.
  • Steps are taken to undertake work remotely (where possible and permissible), eg via video links, email, telephone.
  • Premises have been thoroughly cleaned/disinfected.
  • Frequency of cleaning increased where necessary, eg regular cleaning of hard surfaces in public areas.
  • Staff are reminded about normal good practice regarding infection control, eg “cough etiquette”, social distancing requirements, hand washing techniques.
  • Ensure compliance with all current guidance relevant to the regulated activities available from NHS England, Public Health England, and the Department of Health and Social Care websites.


UK Vein Clinic will meet the expectation of the CQC that all registered CQC providers keep regularly up-to-date with the latest governmental and CQC guidance aboutCOVID-19, and will take all relevant actions, e.g.:

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