How to Celebrate Curing Your Varicose Veins

How to Celebrate Curing Your Varicose Veins

Getting your varicose veins removed can be nothing short of life-changing. If you’ve recently taken the plunge and decided that treatment is right for you, you can soon look forward to a significant improvement in your quality of life. So why not plan ahead and start booking some activities you’ll be able to enjoy once you’ve recovered? 

Your doctor will advise you to wear compression socks during the first week after your treatment, after which your legs will quickly start to heal. Within the first six weeks following the procedure, your veins will start to fade considerably. It’s at this point that you’ll be able to live life exactly how you imagined, which may include having the confidence to wear your favourite skirts or resuming once-loved activities.

While you can engage in low-impact exercises like walking straight away, you should hold off on high-impact exercises like weight training or running until you feel comfortable and your doctor gives you the go-ahead. After a couple of weeks, you’ll start to notice a huge difference: no more throbbing pain, heaviness or discomfort, and best of all, a renewed pep in your step... 

Take a Dance Class

Were you a keen dancer in the good old days? Refresh your muscle memory by signing up for a dance class with your partner or a friend - or go solo and meet some new people! Dancing will get the blood pumping: as a full-body workout, it’s an excellent way to improve your cardiovascular health.

Cook Up a Storm

Did you use to love spending long afternoons in the kitchen, cooking and baking to your heart’s content? If standing for long periods contributed to your swollen and aching legs, fear no more. Use this time to teach your children or grandchildren your favourite recipe; they’ll be sure to keep you on your toes as you work together, so you won’t be standing still for too long.

Children love helping out in the kitchen, so if you have some little ones in your life, plan a day to teach them a few fun and easy recipes.

Rewind the Clock

If you’re feeling a little brave and want to embrace your inner child, then pop on some rollerblades and get moving! They say that trends come back into fashion every 20 or so years, and this low-impact exercise is no exception, having taken the Internet (and the world) by storm over the past year. 

Just like dance, rollerblading is a great way to improve blood flow, and extra fun if you play some of your favourite tunes as you speed along. This retro activity is also great for gently toning muscle and improving your balance. If you’re a novice, check online for some classes you can take near you.  

Take a Hike

Exercising regularly is an important part of recovery after curing your varicose veins, so if you can, why not take advantage of the great outdoors. As restrictions begin to ease across the country, treat yourself to a few days in the countryside with your friends or family this spring. 

Immerse yourself in nature by treating yourself to a picnic when you arrive - if you have someone in your group who knows their stuff, you can even go foraging and eat some things you find along the way. 

If your varicose veins were hereditary, keeping active with your family will help your relatives lower their risk of developing vein disease too. Breathe in the fresh air, move your legs and embrace the joys of healthy living as a group. 

Sign Up for a 5 or 10 km Race

Varicose veins may well have held you back from partaking in a lot of activities, but after receiving treatment, the possibilities are endless. Many people embrace running at all stages of life - it’s one of the easiest sports to take up because it requires no equipment, you can do it at any time for little to no cost and you can always adapt your pace to your own fitness levels. 

If you really want to push yourself, completing a triathlon is a great goal to work up to, as all three elements of the event are great at enhancing blood circulation long after you have finished the exercise.

Revamp your Wardrobe

With varicose veins, you may have dreaded summer for years, with the thought of wearing skirts and dresses causing you debilitating anxiety. 

But the great news is that as soon as they’ve been removed, you no longer need to worry about hiding your legs in the warmer weather. To celebrate, why not buy some clothes you’d previously thought you couldn’t pull off, or dig out some old favourites you haven’t worn in years? Having some outfits ready to go is a small but exciting thing to look forward to. 

Embrace your newfound confidence and wear the clothes you always wanted to wear, and allow yourself to feel truly comfortable in your skin this summer.

Book a Getaway

Have you been longing for a beach holiday for years but couldn’t bear the thought of wearing a bathing suit or suffering from itchy veins in the summer heat? Well, you can wave goodbye to those worries as soon as you recover from your treatment!

Celebrate in style and book yourself the summer holiday of your dreams for when we’ll (hopefully!) be allowed to leave the country again.  

Get Ready to Feel your Best Again

Whatever your passion is in life, being able to rediscover an old hobby or take up one you’ve always wanted to try is sure to give you a new lust for life, so make sure you’re prepared to embrace your happier, varicose vein free-self.  

The leading vascular surgeons at UK Vein Clinic will work with you to understand your needs and improve your quality of life. Book a free consultation with UK Vein Clinic today, and change your life in a matter of weeks.

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