5 Self-Improvement Goals to Prepare for Post-Lockdown Life

5 Self-Improvement Goals to Prepare for Post-Lockdown Life

We’ve now been in lockdown for more than a year, and for many of us, it’s been a truly difficult time. But with the arrival of spring and a gradual easing of restrictions, things are finally starting to look up. As we start to look forward to socialising again, we might start thinking about ways to look and feel better as we emerge from lockdown. 

The great news is that this is the perfect time to focus on some self-improvement ahead of the summer - so if you’re looking for some inspiration in that department, we’ve got you covered. Here are some things you can do now to help you embrace post-pandemic life with an added layer of confidence. 

  1. Show Off Your Pearly Whites

Whether you’ve always considered getting your teeth straightened, or hours of staring at yourself on Zoom have made you a little self-conscious about your smile, now is the perfect time to address the issue.   

As an adult, you may not feel comfortable walking around wearing braces, but fortunately there are now other, less visible options like Invisalign that can straighten your teeth just as effectively (although this does tend to be more expensive).

Whichever option you go for, now is a great time to take the plunge: with still a while to go before lockdown restrictions fully ease you’ll already be seeing some improvements by the summer. As an added bonus, if you ever want to hide your braces, a face mask is the perfect solution! 

  1. Mind Your Thoughts

After a year of nerve-racking news stories about the pandemic and other related global disasters, you may find yourself struggling with more anxiety than usual. It’s important to look after your mental health so you can exit lockdown feeling strong, grounded and positive. 

Meditation is a great way to alleviate any concerns you may have, allowing you to reflect on the most important tasks at hand that affect your everyday wellbeing. This form of mindfulness allows you to stay in tune with your emotions and reconnect your mind with your body.

You can even listen to classical music whilst you meditate, which has been proven to boost your mood and make you feel more balanced.

  1. Let Your Skin Glow From Within

20 million people in the UK suffer from poor vein health, which can lead to varicose veins - and this problem is likely to be accentuated after months of lockdown, with many people moving less than they usually would. If you are one of them, now is the perfect time to seek treatment.

Varicose veins can appear on the legs, feet, hands and even face. Bulging veins can be especially painful in your legs and feet, and the twisted blood vessels can lead to your legs not looking their best.

If your self-esteem has been damaged by varicose veins and lifestyle changes aren’t helping, the best way to resolve the issue is with a minimally invasive treatment.

Treatment only takes about an hour, and other than your surgery, the only other thing you have to do is go to a check-up 6 weeks later - from there, you’ll be ready to bare your legs all summer long post-lockdown.

  1. Shape Up

Along with lockdown came hundreds of thousands of workout videos, transforming how we exercise forever.

With just a few exercises a day, you can develop abs in a matter of weeks - or at least achieve a noticeable difference in the muscle tone throughout your body.

Whether you join your children during their virtual PE workout with Joe Wicks or download an app to work on your physical fitness, exercising is important to keep your muscles strong, increase the efficacy of your vital organs, and boost your mental health.

  1. Rekindle your love of cooking

It’s been all too easy to give in to bad habits during the lockdown, with takeaways seeming like one of the few ways to really treat yourself while staying home. 

If you started lockdown making three healthy meals a day and now find yourself ordering in more than you’re at the supermarket, now is a great time for a fresh start. Dig out those old recipes you used to love making, or if you feel like you’ve fallen into a bit of a cooking rut, find some new ones online. 

Taking turns to cook with your household and setting yourself mini-challenges to try new things can help shake things up a bit: why not have a vegan night on Mondays or dedicate Tuesday to food from your favourite corner of the world? Finding new ways to make cooking fun will make it seem like less of a chore. 

Not only will you feel accomplished after making a hearty meal; you’ll also be able to reward yourself by eating it.

A Greater Version Of You

Remember that looking and feeling your best isn’t something that happens overnight: it’s all about setting and maintaining small, healthy habits over a long period of time. And while it’s never too late, if you start now, you’ll be looking and feeling your best just in time to fully embrace a post-COVID summer!

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